Pep Guardiola gives tribute to Johan Cruyff

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27 Apr
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Pep Guardiola has given a huge tribute to former Barcelona manager Johan Cruyff, who passed away at the age of 68 due to cancer.

Guardiola stated thatCruyff will forever be remembered as the architect of Barcelona rather than him. Even though Guardiola was more successful in terms of trophies, the former Barcelona captain says that it wasCruyff who planted the seeds of beautiful football in his mind.Regarded as one of the greatest footballers to grace the planet,Cruyff was also extremely good at managing clubs. He revolutionised the way Ajax and Barcelona played their football.

However, Guardiola has taken time to remember the fact thatCruyff also had a huge role in the way Netherlands and Spain played their football. Guardiola was coming through the ranks whenCruyff was manager of Barcelona. He claimed that he knew little about the game as a youngster. One of the tributes that Guardiola gives to the success ofCruyff’s methods is the number of successful players from his Barcelona team who have gone on to become great managers. Guardiola maybe one of the foremost names to come to the mind, but there are plenty others like Luis Enrique and Frank Rijkaard.

Guardiola finally says that the last 25 years of Barcelona belongs to the Dutch legend. "Forget about the titles, I won more titles than him. Our gratitude is infinite and his legacy is also. And this legacy is not measured in trophies. It is rather the fact that he has enforced changes. Johan changed two clubs. But not only Ajax and Barcelona, he also changed the national teams of Netherlands and Spain.There is nothing that can compare to what Cruyff has done for football. The football of the last 25 years at Barcelona belongs to him and that is something indestructible,” said Guardiola.