No Need for Puel to Get Defensive About his Philosophy

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07 Feb
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Posted by isport at 17:16

The fortunes of a club like Leicester city are forever changing. They have experienced the Himalayan Peaks of winning the Premier League and Oceanic troughs of League One all in the last ten years. All in all, it has been onwards and upwards for the East Midlands outfit over the last few seasons despite a slight wobble last year under Craig Shakespeare.

When Claude Puel was appointed in October 2017, it was seen as an underwhelming choice but in fact has turned out to be just what Leicester City needed. The title-winning season in 2015/2016 was as good as it gets for fans of the Foxes and even the most ardent Leicester City fan would have agreed that replicating that feat again would be nigh on impossible, at least in the short term.

Giving Claude Puel the reigns was a stroke of genius as the Foxes need a couple of years of stability and consolidation as they turn into Premier League stalwarts. The Frenchman’s style and philosophy of solid and patient are exactly what will help turn Leicester into a force in the Premier League instead of always looking over their shoulders wondering when the drop will finally catch up to them.

Puel’s philosophy is straightforward and he doesn't mince his words, insisting that winning is more important than style. That won’t always appease every fan but when you are eighth in the league and progressing well in the FA Cup then things are going well.

The Frenchman doesn't have the same players Ranieri was afforded as Leicester lost both of their key midfielders in Kante and Drinkwater to Chelsea but Puel has returned the steeliness to the centre of the park with the Foxes now very seldom overrun in midfield. Drinkwater may have shot himself in the foot as under Puel and with Leicester, his time would have arrived to play for England but snubbing Southgate's callup will ultimately see Jack Wilshere backed at 4/5 on Oddschecker for World Cup selection take his place.

Whether the grass is or isn't greener on the other side for past players is irrelevant as at the end of the day Leicester City’s objective remains the same. Under Puel a stronger and more resilient Leicester are being shaped and so far he is doing everything and more asked of him.

By guiding them out of the early season trouble they were in the Frenchman has allayed any fears of relegation and instead, he has begun to put in place the foundations to improve next season.