Chelsea dropped 2 Points after Draw in Premier League

Chelsea dropped 2 points after having to settle with a 1-1 draw when playing a Premier League match against the relegation zone club Burnley. It was a surprising result as the match was played in the home turf of Chelsea at Stamford Bridge which is where the team of Jose Mourinho has managed to win most of their matches in the Premier League in this season.

This result has allowed Manchester City to close the gap between them to 5 points, which used to be a lot higher not too long ago.

Jose Mourinho is a manager who is well known for his outspoken charisma as he does not have any problems in expressing his thoughts to the world which has caused him troubles in the past as the Portuguese manager was fined for $38,000 in January of the ongoing year after he breached rules concerning media comments.

The Champions League winning manager was charged with misconduct by the Football Association for his public comments after Chelsea drew 1-1 with Southampton.

“I will go to the referee and wish him a good year and tell him he will be ashamed," Mourinho said afterward. "It is clearly the result of something that looks like a campaign."

That was the statement which was released by Mourinho and caused him to be charged with the fine.

Now that Chelsea could only manage to seal 1 point against Burnley, Mourinho is once again at it as he had a few things to say concerning the match and especially in relation to the referee Martin Atkison as he showed NemanjaMatic a red card and forced Chelsea to play with only 10 men for the last 30 minutes of the match.

Jose Mourinho believes that his team deserved to have had at least 2 penalty kicks from the match and the red card that was displayed to Matic should have also gone to Ashley Barnes as he was the player who tackled Matic to the ground and the Serbian player was only reacting to the harsh tackle that he had received which ultimately led to his red card.

The Portuguese manager of Chelsea has labeled the tackle of Barnes as: ‘’criminal’’ and he believes that the 25 year old forward of Burnleyshould have received a red card for his tackle.