Chelsea favorite for Premier League 2015

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13 Dec

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Even before the start of the Premier League 2014-15, everyone knew that Chelsea would be the team to beat.

They were the favourites for the title, but, they were not expected to have it easy. But, what has been seen till this point of time, it seems no team would be able to get even close to them as far as the no. of points is concerned.
It’s not that Chelsea spent millions and millions in the transfer window and bought all the best players in the world and made their composition lethal. No, that did not happen. They did spend some money, yes, but, there are clubs which spent even more, Manchester United for example. Still, they are in tatters.

The thing with Chelsea was that they had already a very strong unit. Their defence was better than any other side and they were alright in the midfield too. The only department in which they were lacking was the attack. They needed a fluent striker, one who knows how to finish and they signed an exactly that kind of player in the form of Diego Costa.

On top of that, they added Cesc Fabregas in their ranks. The Spaniard is one of the most innovative playmakers in the game right now. He is blessed with special skills and with the freedom that he has been given by Jose Mourinho; he has proved to be immensely influential.

Fabregas and Costa are complementing each other beautifully which is making the Blues look like unstoppable. But, that doesn’t mean the other teams especially the likes of Manchester City and Arsenal should give up. They should pull their socks up. It’s true that overtaking Chelsea from this position is very hard, but, the teams have lost plot after the Christmas break in the past seasons. So, anything can happen.